Lots of laughter and audience participation when an exasperated Director tries to film scenes from his latest Silent Movie with an incompetent crew and impromptu cast. Featuring remarkable makes and incredible costumes"



A silent movie film company has obtained a road closure of 40 minutes to shoot a scene from a forthcoming silent movie. In total there are three different scenes that can be shot per day, either on the same spot or at a different site. These include a falling house, fire engine, damsel on the railway line, keystone cops.


As the “40 minutes” begins the Movie Company proceeds to create the set for the specific scene they are about to shoot. The “Director” reveals himself and shouts for the “matinee idol”, who is not in his chair. The “Director” is informed by the “Producer” that the “matinee idol” won’t be coming as he is still in hospital as a result of the last scene from yesterday. Devastated the Director then acquires an audience member who is “shown” how to be a matinee idol by the director and producer and then dressed for the part from the “Instant Wardrobe”. This scenario is repeated as it appears that all the other players needed for the prospective scene are also not available, and neither are members of the production crew.


New cast members will be dressed from the “instant wardrobe”, photographed against a photo screen, ‘signed up’ [for real], and taken through their part and put on their marks. (At no time will the public be put at risk and they should always feel comfortable in their roles. Any running gags, ‘embarrassment’ and potential slapstick will be done by Greenbanks cast.)


The actual silent movie scene will last for 2 minutes and be filmed for real and posted on youtube after suitable editing and including the “new” cast.


Other Information:


Insurances: Greenbanks will have third party insurance and public liability Insurance.


Set area: required approx 10m x 6m


Technical requirements: The show and set is self contained. It has an integral small sound and lighting system, although for runs of more than 1 day, access is required to a 13amp socket to re-charge the battery over night.


Greenbanks staff:  3 actors/technicians.


Fee: Please make contact


Contact Details:

Gordon Banks                                                         Mike Green

e-mail: [email protected]                          e-mail: [email protected]

mobile: 07973 842453                                          mobile: 07977 414684




Music: from "Damsel in Distress"scene... ivta_skyscraper-120x600