Journey of the Orixas with Global Grooves.

To build two giant processional puppets, Xango and Yansa, for the Manchester Day Parade on June 2nd 2013. Joy!!

Designed and built by Gordon Banks. Colour scheme and tattoos by Chris Anderson...and loads of Global Grooves Volunteers: Pete,Alan,Emma,Kayleigh,Dan,Ursula, Ursula Banks,Vicky,Sue, Jane, Esther,Leon,Eraldo,Holly,Marina,Hayleigh.......and most anyone who walked into the Global Grooves studio!

Thanks to all.GB  

Some videos of the procession on dropbox follow the link. TOP%20WEB XANGO%20AXE%20BRAND XANGO%20AXE%20BRAND XANGO%20AXE%20BRAND