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The Pigeon Fanciers


Lifelong Pigeon rivals Eric and Harold are going to a “meet” with their finest

feathered athletes. On route, they meet…is it a pre-planned rendezvous or pigeon


Who’s fancy is best?...Will Eric's mother find out he's racing again?...Or...

Will harold's missus find out he's not in the garden shed?

Which fancier has the fanciest? Racing at its’ pigeon best, feathers and

testosterone…and a feline surprise?



Greenbanks’ Productions present a strolling piece with two actors, two remote controlled life size champion pigeons, and a remote controlled cat from their shed.  Animal antics with human intent.


Other props include: 2 Pigeons, pigeon baskets ona small trolly with a battery operated Mambo amp, an ipod and two mp3 players and mini speakers. There’s a chequered flag, winner’s olive wreath and and NOTHING for the loser but eggnominious defeat and abject shell shock!


The characters meet and argue about whose pigeon is the best. Not just the best looker but also the fastest. Whose breeding regimen will out? To prove this they hold a race.

The actors mark out an impromptu racecourse integrating the surroundings with the help of onlookers and introduce their racing pigeons (Rocky IV and Flash –saviour of the universe –whoh) to the audience in costume and with entrance music, The pigeons parade around the impromptu racecourse in their own manner(!) and ultimately race.


We will also allow time for observation and pigeon interaction and maybe 40 winks for the old stagers!


Each strolling show lasts 30-40 minutes dependent upon escaping pigeons and how many people want to feed them!

Normally 3 x performances per day


Fee: £750/day

Multiple day discounts will apply please contact Gordon Banks: [email protected] or use the Greenbanks' numbers.


Specific requirements:

Secure access to a 13amp outlet for re-charging of pigeons,cat, radio control packs,and amp, ipod, mp3 players,.... the odd pacemaker and electric hip!

The show is self contained and strolling.


You can follow The Pigeon Fanciers on Facebook: Greenbanks Productions The Pigeon Fanciers....coo!






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